Man faces homicide charge for allegedly murdering grandmother


MISSOULA, Mont - Missoula prosecutors unveiled their case against a Missoula man accused of murdering his grandmother.

Tyler Dan Perry, 25, is accused of beating his 72-year old grandmother, Carole Perry, with a chair while she lay on the couch watching television last Saturday.

In a charging affidavit, prosecutors allege Perry said he had to kill Carole Perry because "she had a third eye" and was "sucking the life out of his tyranny."

Prosecutors say Perry went on to say, "everybody knew we had to bash her over the head."

According to the court papers, Perry denied any mental health problems. But investigators quote family members who reportedly told them they were concerned about his mental health.

Missoula County Justice Court Judge Karen Orzech set bail at $250,000 and told Perry he can't have any contact with his family.

Court records indicate Perry had been living with his grandmother since hitchhiking to Missoula from Seattle at Thanksgiving.

Monday, one of Carole Perry's best friends, Lolo resident Becky Gordon, told NBC Montana Perry was a giving person and especially loved this time of year.

"Carole loved Christmas because she loved giving. She loved giving people presents, and food items and you name it," Gordon said.

But she added Perry's giving spirit and welcoming demeanor weren't limited to the holidays. Gordon said Perry was always an amazing person and very family oriented.

"Family was everything in the world to her," said Gordon. "She loved being with them every minute. It was always the highlight of her life to talk about her kids and the grandkids, and she loved them, they were everything to her."

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