Mayoral candidates lay out their most important goals for Missoula


MISSOULA, Mont. - Both candidates running for mayor in Missoula say the city is a great place they have passion for.

To wrap up our special one-on-one series with the candidates, we asked each to lay out their most important goals for Missoula over the next four years.

Lisa Triepke is a marketing and communications director for a local medical clinic. She is challenging current Mayor John Engen.

"The four key points on our platform are creating an economic environment and climate in Missoula where we can all work, live and play; one that we can raise our families in and our kids can come back and raise their families in.

"...exercising fiscal responsibility and responsible spending.

"The third one is making wise investments in infrastructure. We don't have to do everything at once. We can take our time and make the choices wisely and not chase federal dollar projects just because they are available.

"The last one you already mentioned is term limits. That's key to keeping things and people objective," said Triepke.

We also asked John Engen his vision for the next four years.

"I believe we are going to see continued quality development, particularly in our redevelopment districts. We will see a downtown that is transformed. We'll see more people living and working downtown than have ever worked here before. We will see similar activity along the Brooks Street corridor, the Reserve Street corridor, the Broadway corridor. I see hope through housing policy and investment, more people who are able to take part in the American Dream, to have a roof over their heads, to build equity, to create opportunity for themselves and their families. I see a future wherein we understand better every day what it is we do and how we do it through data analysis," said Engen."

Elections officials mailed out ballots to Missoula voters. They are due back to the Elections Office Tuesday, Nov. 7.

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