McCartney fans hike 'M' to listen to sold-out concert


MISSOULA, Mont. - NBC Montana hiked up Mount Sentinel where a couple hundred people went up just to watch and listen to the Paul McCartney concert on Tuesday night. McCartney fans say they weren't able to get tickets because they were too expensive or hard to get.

People of all ages hiked the ‘M' trail with hiking sticks, cameras, drinks and binoculars to get a better view.

One Chicago resident wanted to hike the ‘M' after her friend told her about the concert, a spur of the moment adventure.

Another woman brought her 81-year-old mother. She got up the trail by drinking Red Bull.

There were people who kept hiking up the trail even after the concert started.

"I hiked up here to bring my grandkids to see the last living Beatle and to enjoy a part of my childhood," said Kim Paul, a Browning resident.

"I'm excited because I live in a metropolitan area of several million people and there's no way that you could ever do this for a Paul McCartney concert," said Mickey Broman, a Chicago resident.

"I wanted to see the energy that goes on with this concert. I did the same thing with the Rolling Stones," said Michael Snyder, a Missoula resident.

Some observers told NBC Montana that the sound quality wasn't too great up on Mount Sentinel but they did it for the atmosphere and of course, to enjoy listening to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of Paul McCartney.