Megaload met by protesters in Missoula


MISSOULA, Mont. - A massive shipment of oil refinery equipment is met by protesters as it moved through Missoula Wednesday morning.

It's headed to oil fields in Canada but is only allowed to travel at night so as not to interrupt traffic. It's travels ended in Bonner for the night.

The size and purpose of the load has created controversy for environmental activists who say it's bad for the roads and bad for the environment.

Montana and Indian People's Action, along with Blue Skies Campaign protested the giant piece of processing equipment. The protesters will also be standing in solidarity with the First Nations People of Canada who are fighting the mining of the Tar Sands in Alberta.

The media liaison for Indian People's Action, Naomi Odermann, says they are protesting to raise awareness. "We want people to realize this is an issue now... We can have good jobs through renewable energy now."

Missoula police arrested one protester. The 71-year-old woman reportedly sat down in the road and refused to leave. She will be charged with disorderly conduct for blocking traffic.