Missoula Animal Control dog kennels at full capacity


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula Animal Control officials say their dog kennels are at full capacity, and they're calling on the public for help. There are about 30 kennels for dogs at their shelter, and every single one is taken up. Staff tell us they usually see an increase in dogs this time of year, because when it gets warmer out, dogs tend to run off from their houses more often. Officials say if folks have lost a pet recently, they're urged to make a stop by the shelter, northwest of Missoula, to see if their pet is there. "We pick up a lot of dogs, even this past week, that have collars on but no identification. The collar isn't any good if you don't have any form of ID," said Animal Control Officer Mary Johnson. Missoula Animal Control can be reached at (406) 541-7387. The building is located at 6700 Butler Creek Road in Missoula.

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