Missoula City Club talks changes at airport


MISSOULA, Mont. - Big changes are happening at the Missoula International Airport. That was the topic at the Missoula City Club meeting Monday.

One change is a push to raise several hundred thousand dollars in revenue guarantees to attract new flights and airlines.

Cris Jensen, airport director, said most of that money comes from grants but also from donors.

Businesses that would benefit from increased air traffic may contribute. That's why Destination Missoula is involved. They said Texans are showing high interest in visiting Montana, and the airport recognizes it as an opportunity.

"I think it's important, because air service is something that really touches all of us, whether it's in our private lives, you know, whether we're traveling to go see grandma right at the holidays right now, or whether it's our business lives, you know, trying to get people to Missoula to do business here, or we're trying to fly out to do business elsewhere, so the airport really does touch all members of the community," said Jensen.

The other big change at the airport is a multi-year expansion. Jensen said they plan to break ground in 2018.

Jensen said next week they'll announce a new flight being added from Missoula.

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