Missoula City Council considers proposed 2018 budget


MISSOULA, Mont. - NBC Montana's Montana MacLachlan is clarifying the mayor's budget proposal. A previous version of this story indicated Missoula Mayor John Engen would request an 18-percent tax increase in the fiscal year 2018 budget .

To clarify, in a letter to City Council , the mayor wrote he's asking for a total increase of 3.87 percent. The mayor explained the number is based on a conservative growth estimate.

The mayor added if all considered programs that require tax money were to be approved it would require an additional $6 million dollars and a tax increase of 18.48 percent. Engen said those requests won't be made unless the city brings in significantly more revenue.

If the mayor's budget is approved as is taxes could increase up to 3.87 percent.

The money would fund the following and more:

Two new specialists in the Missoula Police Department Additional crime-victim services Compensation for employees Street projects New facilities at Fort Missoula Court technology updates

The Budget Committee of the Whole will review the budget at 2:55 p.m. Wednesday at City Council chambers.