Missoula County Attorney sends response to DOJ


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula's County Attorney sent a letter to the Department of Justice saying he won't agree to a proposed settlement.

Last week Fred Van Valkenburg met with Missoula County Commissioners to discuss his plans for an ongoing battle with the DOJ.

In May 2012 the DOJ launched it's investigation into how the University of Montana, Missoula Police Department and the Missoula County Attorney's Office handle sexual assault reports.

Last year UM and the police department reached agreements with the DOJ, while Van Valkenburg's office remains in a standoff.

Thursday, Van Valkenburg read the commission a letter he's sending to the DOJ. He let the department know he's not going to agree with it's proposed settlement. Van Valkenburg is challenging the DOJ's legal right to investigate his office in the first place.

Van Valkenburg told commissioners he wants a response from the DOJ within two weeks, and if it doesn't come back with acceptable agreement, he'll likely pursue legal action.

Click here to read a copy of Van Valkenburg's letter.