Missoula fireworks show set for fairgrounds this 4th of July


MISSOULA, Mont. - The Fourth of July fireworks show will be held at the Missoula County Fairgrounds this year.

Officials from the fairgrounds say the organizers from Southgate Mall reached out them requesting the venue. Emily Bentley, the director of the fairgrounds, says they happily accepted.

"We thought it was a fantastic fit with our mission to preserve history and enhance community connection and culture," Bentley said.

She said the City Band will be playing live music, and the Missoula Skate Club is going to host roller skating in the outdoor pavilion. The events start at 9 p.m. The fireworks kick off around 10:30.

Longtime Missoula resident Kathy Borg said she welcomes the new venue.

"I'm glad that they changed it to someplace else, because we need a new atmosphere," she said.

Personal fireworks and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

For the previous 30 years until 2016 the event was held at Southgate Mall. Last year organizers had to cancel the show in mid-June after a vendor was unable to provide fireworks for the show.

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