Missoula Food Bank receives largest food donation in organization history


MISSOULA, Mont. - The Missoula Food Bank received its largest single food donation in organization history as part of this year's Can the Cats competition. The food drive pits two Montana universities against each other. "We're hoping this is the year we can pull another victory," said Missoula Food Bank executive director Aaron Brock. For the past 18 years the University of Montana and Montana State University have tried to end hunger with the Can the Cats drive in Missoula and a Can the Griz drive in Bozeman. Brock is shocked by this year's donations. He thinks it could lock in UM's spot in the race. "The biggest single donation in the history of the drive came in this year is 50,000 pounds of food provided by the Missoula Federal Credit Union, and it's potatoes and onions," said Brock. He says it's enough to feed up to 6,000 people for Thanksgiving, and what's left will be available for customers up to three months. Donna Bakke has been a volunteer at the Missoula Food Bank for over a year and says there is a high demand for donations to help those in the community. "The food bank itself, we need to constantly be thinking about their health and their welfare,and we need to give as much as we possibly can," said Bakke. She wants Missoula to come together and beat the Bobcats. "Donate as many cans of food you possibly can, and money if you have any, it would really help," said Bakke. The competition ends in four days. The food banks will collect until the end of the first quarter of the Brawl of the Wild this Saturday and then announce the winner. Brock says the food bank is halfway to its goal but always closer to the greater good for both communities. "This doesn't just fill up our shelves now, it will keep food in our warehouse and our shelves for a couple of months, so that makes a big difference," he said.