Missoula man charged with close to 70 felonies


MISSOULA, Mont. - The Missoula County Attorney's Office charged a Missoula man with 71 criminal charges, 69 of them felonies, including harassment, intimidation, assault on an officer and threatening to blow up the county courthouse.

Court officials say an unnamed woman went to Missoula police in March after Shane Will made threats against her coworkers over Facebook Messenger.

Investigators claim Will threatened to kill the woman in multiple messages turned over to the court, as well as blow up the Missoula County Courthouse and stab an officer.

Court documents say the woman told police Will harassed her for several years despite prosecutors saying she only met him in person a few times.

She told police she mostly ignored the messages, only occasionally responding in an effort to keep relations friendly.

Documents say the woman moved away from Missoula for a time, and when she moved back the messages escalated.

During questioning prosecutors write Will denied ever sending electronic messages to the woman, saying he had seen multiple fake profiles claiming to be him.

Court papers say Will couldn't tell detectives how he knew the woman.

The investigation is ongoing and may lead to more charges as MPD works to obtain all the messages Will sent to the woman.

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