Missoula Marathon women's champion to run after recently giving birth


MISSOULA, Mont. - More than 6,000 participants and their family members are expected to overtake Missoula July 7-9 for the Missoula Marathon.

Many who hit the pavement for the Missoula Marathon have been training for months. Four-time women's champion Trisha Drobeck is ready for the half marathon, even though she just had a baby about 10 weeks ago.

"Of course I would rather run the full 26 miles, but because of this peanut here that's not in the cards this year," said Drobeck.

Drobeck showed us her countless race medals and tells us putting in practice miles is essential.

"You aren't just going to wake up one morning and run 26 miles. You have to put in the practice miles," said Drobeck.

If you have been training for months the race director says it is time to think about tapering off.

"There's not a lot you can do to advance your fitness now. Runners should be pulling back and tapering. That's when you reduce mileage and let your body rest and recover so you are ready for the big day," said Tony Banovich.

The Missoula Marathon is well known, and many untrained participants sign up on a whim.

"That's a tough way to go about it, not being trained, but you can make it though, especially the half marathon. People get through that all the time on very limited training. It's a way to take part. It's not something I would suggest," added Banovich.

Drobeck says she is ready because she exercised throughout most of her pregnancy.

"I ran up until about 33 weeks. Then I swam after that," explained Drobeck.

Another suggestion for rookie runners is mixing walking and running.

Hundreds of enrollment slots are still available for the marathon, half marathon and 5k event.

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