Missoula police investigate trio of holiday armed robberies


MISSOULA COUNTY - Missoula police are investigating three armed robberies in a close time span over the Christmas holidays.

Investigators said the lives of a motel clerk and two casino workers were threatened with handguns.

Somebody got away with money in all three robberies.

About 2:20 Christmas morning, police said a man came in alone to Montana Lils Casino on North Reserve, flashed a handgun at a clerk, and made off with cash.

"About six feet tall wearing dark clothing and a bandana over his face," said Lt. Det. Scott Brodie.

A few minutes before midnight, on Christmas Eve, the Brooks Street Motor Inn got hit.

Investigators said the robber wore camouflage and a black face mask.

On Sunday, December 22nd, a masked, lean, six foot plus man robbed Lucky Ladys Casino on Brooks.

Nobody was injured in the robberies.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 721-4444.