Missoula students brave wind chills to get to class


MISSOULA, Mont. - School went on as planned at the University of Montana and at Missoula County Public Schools Wednesday, as students soldiered through the wind chills and freezing temperatures.

"When you walk outside, you find it hard not to scream," said UM junior Barret Cook.

However, many students said weather like this is par for the course in Montana.

"I've lived in Montana my whole life, so this is nothing," said UM sophomore Andrew Barnard.

University of Montana officials tell NBC Montana that classes get canceled if students can't physically get to class. However, cancellations are rare, and there have only been a few days of cancellations in the last century.

Younger students dealt with the cold weather too. At Hellgate High School, a false fire alarm caused students and faculty to spend roughly 15 minutes outside.

"We were all pretty cold, and we were all just wanting to go back inside," said student Aiden Chisholm.

Missoula County Public Schools officials tell NBC Montana that their cold weather policy is based on transportation dilemmas, meaning snow and ice accumulation. It's about students' ability to get to and from school, and it's a district decision.

As far as recess goes, most principals don't allow outside recess to happen when the temperature is below 0 degrees.