Missoula's 2017 fiscal year budget to increase


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula City Council met Monday evening to discuss an increase to the 2017 fiscal budget.

The first was a resolution to increase the total city budget by $31,950. The money would pay for the annual fee to a building maintenance app that tracks building projects and sewer line.

That app is called Buildingeye; it can be found on any mobile device or computer. It allows residents of Missoula to gain access to maps of sewer lines, building permits, demolition permits and fencing lines.

The council approved the order in November of 2015, but it wasn't included in the 2017 budget. Missoula Development Services Deputy Director Don Verrue says when the budget was initially made; the cost of the annual fee was forgotten.

"Somehow we forgot the put that in our budget," Verrue said. "I'll take full responsibility."

The second item on the agenda was for city council to discuss a $207,892 increase to the city budget.

Missoula Recreations Superintendent Shirley Kinsey says the amendment consists of three parts.

The first part is a $15,000 grant from St. Patrick's Hospital for Morning Moves; a before school activity program.

The second, the city will pay for refurbishing the City Life Gym floor. This was not recognized in the FY17 budget. The fund has enough fund balance to cover the floor.

Last, a total of $187,000 will help pay for the Kiwanis Park Project. Lambros Farran Apts LLC donated $19,650 to help pay for part of the construction.

Kinsey says the rest of the money is coming from a grant, and that taxpayers aren't paying for any of it.