Missoulians react to US exit of Paris Climate Accord


Missoulians are reacting to the United States pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Under the agreement the United States had pledged to cut greenhouse gas pollution by about 28 percent by 2025. Now that we are out of the agreement, there could be less pressure on the power sector to decrease carbon pollution over the next few decades.

Clark Fork River levels are still high, and temperatures are higher than average for this time of year. Most climate scientists link the cause back to greenhouse gas or carbon pollution.

Many people see this simply as a choice between the environment and business interests."I'm just a little disappointed, I think would be the first thing. I think the environment should always come first. No matter what. Even if business does suffer," said Ben Sparrow of Missoula.

Some scientists who want the United States to remain in the accord think that momentum is on their side."In the longer run I think that the momentum of the whole world -- the momentum of our economy and of all of us as individuals -- will overtake this announcement," says University of Montana professor Steve Running.

The United States joins Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries to refuse to join the Paris Climate Accord.

There are almost 200 countries that agreed.

President Donald Trump says to remain in the agreement would handicap our economy.