Montana Conservation Corps help clean avalanche in lower Rattlesnake


MISSOULA, Mont. - Volunteers showed up Friday to help out in the cleanup efforts in the wake of that avalanche in the lower Rattlesnake.

The Montana Conservation Corps, also known as the MCC, sounded the calltoday. 18 people showed up with shovels and other tools to clear away debris after the snow pummeled down Mount Jumbo.

"Part of our program is service to our community, and this is a perfect opportunity for us to give a little back to the victims of this pretty devastating tragedy," said regional supervisor of the Montana Conservation Corps Bobby Grillo.

Another group is taking part in the cleanup efforts as well.

If you want to help out please click here. Anybody can help with the efforts. Just make sure to have good working gloves, a sturdy shovel and stay safe.

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