Motocross making noise in Florence


MISSOULA, Mont. - Bitterroot Valley Motocross kick started its first ever state sanctioned raced. Hundreds of riders of all ages and ability competed in the event, from beginners, to pros. "We have every class for everybody," said competitor Daniel Schmid. "We have people that ride four-wheelers, off road bikes, race bikes, you name it. If you want to come race, come out and ride." "I mean this is my roots, this is where I started at these races," SAID COMPETITOR Taylor Mann. "It's cool to grow up through the years and watch the young kids come up and progress through everything." Bitterroot Valley Motocross is aiming to be one of the premier motocross tracks in the state of Montana. Located on the east side of Florence, a large piece of land has been turned in to a top level track accessible and open to anyone and everyone. "Pretty cool to be a part of that," said Brandon Schmid. "A lot of people will come from everywhere, so pretty cool." "Motocross struggles, it's noisy, not a lot of people like it," said Mann. "To see new tracks pop up and be there at it, active with it, you know it's special. It's way cool to see new roots getting planted here in Florence." While the track is still very new the future of motocross events being held in Florence are endless. "I hope just more people keep flooding in every year and then, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger," said Brandon Schmid. "I think it will grow and be a big track someday," said Mann. "First year and already look at the turnout, you know, 300-400 people here. I think it will be pretty awesome here in a few years once it gets its name established a little bit." "I want to have a national race up here someday to where everybody is coming around, even people from all around the world," said Daniel Schmid. "It's going to take 10-20 years to make it happen, but I think we can."

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