MSU Job Fair presents opportunites for students


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Montana State University students explained with the rising costs of attending college they're having to look into full-time and part-time jobs to keep themselves afloat.

On Wednesday, the university hosted a job fair to help students find work.

Scott Olson is a freshman at MSU. He attended Wednesday's job fair with a simple goal.

Olson said, "I'm hoping to find something part-time, and maybe it'll work into a full-time position."

The room was packed with other students just like him, all hoping to get work while they go to school.

MSU student Amy Pothast said, "Have to keep a job year-round in order to go to school here."

But it's not necessarily for career experience.

Olson said, "I'm looking to supplement my income."

Each year, thousands of MSU students attend job fairs looking for employment.

MSU job fair organizer Carina Beck said dozens of employers are ready to help and hire.

"We will have 43 employers ready to offer work to student employees," explained Beck.

According to MSU's website, the estimated cost for one semester has gone up about 10 percent over the past 3 years, from just over $7,000 to more than $8,000 for a Montana resident. And from $13,000 plus to more than $15,000 for anyone from out of state.

Beck explained that is part of why the school steps to connect their students with work, "We think it's so important to find methods for students to reduce their cost of attendance."

We followed Olson around as he met with many potential employers, he said he is optimistic about his prospects and is thankful the school hosted the fair.

Olson explained, "They have the career center, this is almost like a personal version of the that. It brings the work to the student."

MSU's Career, Internship and Student Employment Services said 10 percent of all MSU students find full-time work from their services like today's fair.