MSU suspends 2 fraternities after rape reports


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Montana State Administrators suspend two fraternities, Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha, after reports of weekend sex assaults. We went to both fraternity houses where the alleged sexual assaults happened as well as spoke to administrators on campus. Matt Caires is the Dean of Students. He tells us both incidents involved high risk drinking. "The university has temporarily suspended activity at both of the fraternities until the conclusion of this investigation," said Caires. We found the bottom line on a suspension means the fraternities cannot hold parties or social functions and if this investigation continues into October, that could mean no homecoming activities. Those suspensions happened hours after administrators learned of 2 reported incidents of sexual assault. Dean Cairus said he has not seen a case like this one. "This is unprecedented in the last three years from my perspective," said Cairus. We also reached out to both fraternities. We did not get a response from Sigma Chi. However we were able to speak with members of Pi Kappa Alpha. They told us there would be a press release coming out within the next few days. Just hours after speaking with them NBC Montana got the press release. It says the chapter has placed a member on administrative suspension pending the outcome of the investigation. The press release also notes they are fully cooperating with the university and police. As for the university, we are told they are working around the clock to bring this case to a close. "We are literally talking and e-mailing by the minute and by the hour about this case, it is that important to us," said Cairus. We looked into sex crimes reported to Montana State University Police. Police Chief Robert Putzke says six rapes have been reported to campus police this calendar year. We went back through campus police records to look at past years. The school reports two forcible sex offences on school property in 2012 and one at a non-campus property. That was down from 2011, where there were eight reported on school property and two reported on non-campus property.