Nationwide search for Utah man continues after 3 bodies found in Idaho


MISSOULA, Mont. - Police in Idaho are still searching nationwide for 60-year-old Gerald "Mike" Bullinger. Officials consider him "armed and dangerous" in connection with the shooting deaths of three women in Idaho.

Canyon County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Marv Dashiell says Bullinger is considered a person of interest in the murders discovered Monday on the property he owns in Caldwell. He's charged with failing to report the deaths.

Canyon County officials say Bullinger was last seen in Ogden, Utah, 10 days ago.

The Missoula Police Department received note of the search -- addressing their officers about what to do if the situation moves into town.

"What we've done here at the Missoula Police Department is briefed all the patrol officers who are likely to come in contact with the suspect out on the street," Missoula Police Detective Scott Pastian said.

Pastian says the department received a bulletin describing the situation but hasn't had any specific requests to assist.

"If we ever thought the public was in danger we would take steps -- some reasonable steps to make sure the public stayed safe," Pastian said.

Missoula resident Nina Philippi says she hopes law enforcement agencies can keep it that way.

"This is a safe town," Philippi said. "I wouldn't want to make it so kids can't walk outside and not walk to school, because I walk to school all the time."

Keeping Missoula safe is what Pastian says is top priority.

Back in Idaho, a sheriff's deputy found the bodies hidden in a shed after family members called to ask that someone check on Bullinger and other family members who moved to the farmhouse. By the time the deputy found the bodies they were in an advanced decomposition state.

According to Canyon County, the three women ranging in age from mid-teens to mid-50s each had a single gunshot wound when found. Officials say based on the advanced decomposition they estimate they've been dead for one to two weeks.

We will keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.