Neighbors respond to Black-Olive decision


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Bozeman City Commission voted Monday to take control of the Black-Olive development, which sparked reaction from neighbors Tuesday.

The commission decided in a 3-2 vote to reclaim the proposal, meaning it will be responsible for reviewing the designs and making a final decision on whether or not the city will go through with the construction of the apartment complex. Usually, it is a city review board that decides to approve a project.

Commissioners shot down the project when it first came to them in April. Now, developer Andy Holloran has made adjustments to his proposal and hopes to get the city along with neighbors on his side.

The original plan featured 56 housing units, 37 parking spaces and four carshare vehicles. The updated proposal features 47 housing units, 40 parking spaces and one carshare vehicle.

Those who live near the proposed complex were hopeful the commission would take their complaints into consideration.

"I'm very happy and proud of them for choosing to take this on, and they'll be the ones who are making the decisions on the application," Bozeman resident Clarissa Werre said. "I would really like to see this neighborhood be able to retain the family, safe, historic district that it is now."

If the commissioners had elected not to take control, neighbors may have had to pay an appeal fee if they disputed the proposal.

Bozeman Mayor Carson Taylor told NBC Montana he expects the commission to make its final decision in early August.