New Evel Knievel Days committee elects officers


BUTTE, Mont. - The newly formed committee taking over Butte's Evel Knievel Days named uptown Butte business woman Terri James its new president. The new committee met Monday night to elect officers, sign bylaws and sign a licensing agreement with K & K Promotions. K & K Promotions is owned by Kelly Knievel, the Evel Knievel Days rights holder. We spoke James, who said goal this year is to make Evel Days family friendly and book more acts for kids. "So we're super excited we can finally as a board move forward," said James. "And I met new people last night and they're excited about it as I am, so we're hoping for a great 2014 Evel Knievel Days." The new board was formed after Chad Harrington and the previous board had a disagreement with the city and Kelly Knievel over an operating agreement. James told us under the agreement signed with the new board, 100 percent of the proceeds will be put back into Evel Knievel Days.