New pilot program helps Montana hunters

Bird hunting

A new pilot program is offering a way for Montanans to become Master Hunters.

Hunter education classes are often the only training hunters receive, but many would like to become better.

A non-profit, Montana Master Hunter, is hoping more landowners would be willing to open their gates.

The program partners with landowners and hunters — and lets hunters improve their skills, even if they have been hunting their whole lives.

"If this course works right, it will produce hunters or help hone skills of hunters, so they are better received by landowners because they are the kind of person a landowner wants to host," said project manager Scott Hibbard.

The Montana Master Hunter Program starts coursework with up to 30 hunters by the end of April. If hunters complete the course, they can make reservations to hunt certain exclusive areas across the state.

You can find more information available online.

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