New program aims to help students in need


KALISPELL, Mont. - In Kalispell, a new program aims to help support homeless students and those in need.

The Heart Locker has only been open for two weeks and is already starting to distribute resources like clothes, school supplies,hygiene products,shoes and bedding to students and families in Evergreen and Kalispell.

The program supports students of all ages, kindergarten through 12th grade. Teachers can bring students and access the Heart Locker any time to make sure the students have what they need.

Homeless education liaison Ronda Stevens tells us that the need is great, but the response has been heart-warming.

"If a student is going to learn they need to have the right environment. There's not much we can do about some of the environments but we're working to make that better. If that be clothes, they feel better about themselves, if it's hygiene products that they wouldn't necessarily have access to, all of that's important to the student and their ability to learn." says Stevens

Donations of good, clean youth clothing and supplies are being accepted at all of the Kalispell and Evergreen schools until the end of school year.

For more information contact Ronda Stevens at 406-890-0639 or by email