New slide brings more questions for community


KALISPELL, Mont. - A neighborhood is worried a problem hillside could wipe out their homes.

The Village Green community been pushing to get that hillside fixed.

After all, this is the second slide since 2010.

All work paid off when residents got a $300,000 federal emergency grant for repair work.

But the county backed away from the deal.

Right now, the whole deal is tied up in court after a judge ordered the county to not stop the deal until another hearing.

"If we don't fix it, it's going to get worse," said Susan Storfa lives up on the hill behind West Nicklas Drive.

She's lived there for 10 years.

When a bluff behind her house began to slide in 2010, she grew concerned for her own home and her neighbors.

"So then I got to thinking, why not get everyone involved and the neighbors. And that's when we started talking as neighbors and getting the plan together," Storfa said.

But now, four years later, there's another slide. We headed out to see it, just a few hundred yards away from Storfa's home.

"Now you can see they've got a lot of mess here. But the bank's unstable," Storfa said.

That's why she wants help and answers. But it's tough because she and other homeowners are in a legal battle with county commissioners. They say they worked with the commissioners to secure a grant that ultimately the commissioners backed out of.

We reached out to all three commissioners today to get their reaction about the new slide. But none of them called back.

Several houses are up on the hill where the slides happened and residents tell us they're concerned about the homes if the money doesn't come through.

"If the county doesn't do something it's just going to keep going and get worse and we're going to end up losing our house," said Storfa.