New video shows moments before Butte mom's arrest in Utah


BOZEMAN, Mont. - New video shows the scene as police approached a motor home at a Utah truck stop with a Butte mom inside, moments before the arrest of Michelle Yallup.

"SIAC just called me," an officer says in the dash cam video, referring to the Statewide Information and Analysis Center.

Police caught up with the 29-year old mom at a truck stop after receiving a tip.

She had been on the run for more than a month, after reportedly giving birth while high on meth at the Community Hospital in Anaconda, then disappearing with her newborn.

Authorities found Yallup in Willard, Utah. It's in the northern part of the state about 52 miles north of Salt Lake City.

Law enforcement agencies thank the Statewide Information and Analysis Center (SIAC), a cross-state data sharing system, for leading them to Yallup and her infant son.

Analysts at SIAC centers across the country combine the work of law enforcement agencies in different states, essentially fitting together pieces of the puzzle to track down accused criminals like Yallup.

SIAC Intellegence Analyst Cody Dunn explained how the system works.

"We were able to receive this bulletin from Montana," he said, pointing to an advisory with Yallup's picture on his computer.

Dunn takes in information from outside agencies -- in this case, Butte-Silver Bow law enforcement. He then searches the database for similar cases in Utah.

As facts line up, he identifies possible locations for the suspect and then finds the nearest officer from any agency.

"That includes federal agencies, state agencies and anything in between," Dunn said.

Keith Squires with the Utah Department of Public Safety said SIAC is crucial to solving cases. "To share that information is critical," he said.

There are 77 fugitive centers around the country, at least one in every state. Last year the program helped solve 7,000 cases.

"We're sharing information now beyond single jurisdictions in ways that we never have before," Squires said.

He added it's faster and more efficient. Without SIAC, finding Yallup would have taken longer -- a lot longer. In fact, she could still be on the road.

After Yallup's arrest, we're told her baby boy was evaluated at a hospital and appeared to be in good condition.

Child and Family Services in Utah and Montana are working together to find the infant a safe home, but due to privacy laws NBC Montana couldn't get any other update on him when we called.

Yallup faces charges for endangering the welfare of a child and forgery.

She's in jail in Box Elder County, Utah. District court officials sid she could appear in court Monday to waive or fight extradition.

This story originally aired on KSL Salt Lake City and was written in part by KSL's Devon Dolan. Click here to see the story from KSL.

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