Officials demonstrate how to properly use bear spray


MISSOULA, Mont. - With June approaching, grizzly season is in full swing.

Officials were at the Rattlesnake trailhead today where they demonstrated how to use bear spray.

The key they say, is to grasp firmly and spray at the bear in a downward motion, forming a cloud in front of the bear until it retreats.

NBC Montana was told hikers should carry at least two cans that can each spray for up to 9 seconds.

"Two or three grizzly bears in areas where we have people recreating, it's important for the public to know and be prepared to confront a grizzly bear, which can be more aggressive than a black bear," said Chuck Bartlebaugh, Director of the Be Bear Aware Campaign.

Bear spray is a last resort. Hikers can avoid using it for keeping an eye out for signs of grizzly activity, like a stump that's torn apart, digging next to the trail, and claw marks on trees.