Officials investigate fire at house where man bled to death


BUTTE, Mont. - Butte police and fire officials are investigating house that caught fire less than two weeks after man died there. The house is located in Uptown Butte at 322 W. Gold Street. It caught fire near the front of the house Friday night. The two homeowners escaped through the back door. Butte Fire Chief Jeff Miller told NBC Montana the fire could be suspicious. Investigators are not done sifting through all of the evidence. But so far, Miller said there is nothing to suggest fire and the recent death are related. Less than two weeks ago, Butte resident Jeff Kraus fell into glass from a broken window while intoxicated and bled to death from a cut on his left wrist. Miller said the fire department is working closely with police to find the cause of the fire. "So they will put their heads together, take whatever steps necessary to draw some conclusions on whether the fire was accidental, whether the fire was suspicious, whether the fire was arson," Miller said. Miller said officials are still in the midst of the investigation.