Orange St. construction affects surrounding businesses


MISSOULA, Mont. - Construction season is well underway in Missoula, making it difficult for adjacent businesses to operate.

While construction continues on the Orange Street roundabout, businesses are trying to adjust to the hectic traffic.

Florence Coffee sits on the corner before cars hit the roundabout. Workers say business has drastically slowed since construction began, but since it's nearing the end it is picking up. Once work in completed, they hope to see a return to normal business traffic.

Across the street, Ole's Country Store 2 says construction has only increased business..

"It has affected us a little bit, but we still get the rushes," employee Matthew Brimley said. "We have a lot of people coming through all the time. It's still busy. We just have to have everyone be patient with the roadwork.

Once construction eases up on Orange Street, work will begin on Van Buren Street. That project is more complex, two roundabouts and a soundproof wall will be installed.

Knife River officials say the Orange Street roundabout will be complete by mid-July.

For more information on the Orange Street roundabout click here.