Oregon fugitive Chafe had at least 4 aliases


BOZEMAN, Mont. - New information in the case of Daniel Chafe, the man charged with rape, sodomy and sex abuse. On the run for 15 years, he was finally apprehended in Bozeman. Now we're learning more about Chafe's multiple identities.

We were on the phone with Douglas County court officials off and on all day, trying to get more information about the original charges against Chafe. We confirmed there are 18 charges against Chafe -- for rape, sodomy and sexual abuse. However, the charges are not filed against the name Daniel Chafe, they're filed against Stryder Styarfire, one of Chafe's four aliases. We told you about his other name Zachery Taylor but Chafe has a fourth alias, Gwydyn Stryder. Unsolved Mysteries even lists a fifth alias -- Curtis Jacoby. The case file dates back to May 1993, 5 years prior to Chafe's disappearance, but the case has remained active. The last action in the file was in 2011. We're waiting on the complete record from Oregon and will have those details when we get the documents.