Orphan Girl Theater plans split from Butte Center for Performing Arts


BUTTE, Mont. - The following is a press release from the Butte Orphan Girl Theater Board of Directors:

The Orphan Girl Theater Board of Directors held a meeting on the night of Tuesday, April 8 to address moving forward with their new financial freedom. Although the BCPA [Butte Center for the Performing Arts] has not formally voted to separate the two organizations, they did vote to separate the accounting of the two organizations and expressed a willingness to formalize the separation.

OGT Board President, James Cox, will ask the BCPA Board of Directors to have an immediate vote and present in writing the plans for a formal split. The OGBT Board appointed committees to rewrite the organization's bylaws, draw up articles of incorporation and apply for its own 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

In the interests of public transparency, and for the benefit of both the BCPA and the OGT, the OGT Board of Directors will recommend to the BCPA that a complete audit of the accounting can be taken to ensure that donated monies have been properly assigned. The BCPA has argued that the decision to lay-off their most successful Artistic Director to date, Mike Nance, was due to financial shortfalls, however the OGT maintains that it had been allowed to complete its plans for the 4th quarter that the Orphan Girl Theater program would not only have broken even, but been operating with profits beyond expectation.

The OGT has also moved to seek out additional classroom space for workshops and popular summer camp program under the strong leadership of the OGT's Artistic Director and Educational Director.

A committee was also formed to organize the "Orfun Awards" in which the Orphan Girl Theater's actors, technicians, and volunteers recognize and honor the excellence of their peers. The banquet and show are scheduled for early June and will continue as planned.