OSHA to propose citation to Missoula roofing company after fatal accident


MISSOULA, Mont. - Federal officials confirm they plan to propose at least one citation to a Missoula roofing company after one of their employees fell to his death last week.

The 51-year-old Bonner man fell 9-feet from a Florence home last Wednesday.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regional Director Jeff Funke said the office is still investigating the case but was able to provide a few more details.

Funke said the office plans to cite Missoula-based Jared Langley Roofing and Remodel for failure to make a timely report. Funke said the company waited more than eight hours to report the death of the worker. He added that according to the initial report, the worker was not wearing proper fall protection gear.

"A fall from height as low as 6 feet in elevation can cause death or permanent disability," Funke said. "These deaths are totally preventable if employees utilize fall protection appropriately."

It's unclear at this point if fall protection equipment was available for the employee.

OSHA is still investigating the case. The office has six months to complete a report and issue any proposed citations.


OSHA has cited Langley's business before.

In 2004 the company paid $15,000 in fines after a work site evaluation found 15 different penalties including lack of fall protection and ladder violations.

Then in 2012 OSHA found five other serious penalties including lack of fall protection and fall protection training. That time the company had to pay $6,000.

Jared Langley told NBC Montana he had not heard the news of possible citations in the recent case.


OSHA is urging all worksites to participate in the National Fall Prevention Stand-Down in June. The event aims to raise awareness of preventing fall hazards in construction.

Fatalities caused by falls are the leading cause of workplace deaths.

Click here for more information on the stand-down.