Park Co. prepares for rising Yellowstone River


LIVINGSTON, Mont. - The city manager in Livingston has declared a State of Emergency because of the potential flooding of the Yellowstone River, according to the city's Facebook page. On Wednesday, we found Park County disaster and emergency crews working with several agencies to sandbag property near the Yellowstone River, off Island Drive. Greg Coleman with Park County Disaster and Emergency Services says it's a good idea to stock up on sandbags as water levels continue to rise. He also has a warning for curious people passing by. "Our biggest public safety concern right now are people coming to see the high water in the river. They don't understand or realize that the current can undercut the bank and destabilize it. There is also critter dens, and other thing that can create an unsafe situation where the bank can give way at anytime," said Coleman. Wednesday afternoon we were told the Park County Public Works director was also coming to assess the property along the river, to see if any added measures were needed.