Park County prepares for another round of flooding


CLYDE PARK, Mont. - Residents are still cleaning up from last week's floods, but with the recent snow they are leaving defenses like sandbags in place.

Clyde Park resident Terri Barnes was among the victims of a flood that passed through the town starting Friday night.

"The water went over the top of the ditch," she said. "Hit the side of our foundation, and just started pouring into the basement."

Barnes told NBC Montana everything happened so fast that despite efforts to reroute water away from her home, she couldn't keep up.

"Everything in the basement is ruined," said Barnes.

Clyde Park Fire Chief Chris Mazur was incident commander. He told us about the town coming together to lay hundreds of sandbags along city streets to divert water away from homes and businesses. He says that while things are quiet now, its just a matter of time before the waters come back.

Mazur says, "With the predicted increase in temperatures over the coming weekend, we're expecting flows to increase."

He's confident that the work they've done over the past four days won't be in vain.

"We're hoping the preventative maintenance and the work we've done over this last weekend can contain those waters," he says.

Clyde Park is about 20 miles north of the town of Livingston. Livingston saw large amounts of flooding just days before Clyde Park. Livingston city manager Ed Meece tells us they too are preparing for another surge.

He explains, "We had a good opportunity this weekend in Livingston to do some repairs and get ready and obviously the snow this morning was a bit of a change for us."

That recent snowfall is a danger that concerns Terri Barnes as well.

She believes, "When it starts melting again this weekend its going to be really tough. You're going to see water everywhere."

Both Barnes and Mazur tell us the town of Clyde Park is preparing for the worst should another flood hit this weekend.

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