Payments to Ravalli Co. treasurer on administrative leave exceed $8k


HAMILTON, Mont. - As Ravalli County works to get the books in order after its appointed treasurer was removed from office, the cost of keeping Valerie Stamey on paid administrative leave continues to climb. To date, Ravalli County has paid Stamey $8,479 in wages for time she isn't working.

She was placed on paid administrative leave on January 23 in a calamity of controversy. Stamey was removed, and commissioners filed suit against her for failing to submit financial reports to county entities on time.

Stamey has accused numerous county officials of being party to corruption in her appointed office. There is an investigation into Stamey's charges, and an auditing firm is looking at the books.

The treasurer's office is also reportedly being investigated by the FBI.

Human resources director Robert Jenni said he knows very little about that investigation because the FBI hasn't shared details of its work.

Of the investigations, Jenni said, "At least one of them is close to being completed. I believe we are expecting answers this upcoming week."