Petition sent to Governor Bullock, others asking for Williams ouster


MISSOULA, Mont. - University of Montana parents have sent Governor Steve Bullock a petition asking him to oppose the confirmation of Pat Williams to the University's Board of Regents.

442 people have already signed the petition.

It encourages the Governor to "send a clear message that Montana holds its public officials accountable, that it values its promises to citizens, and that it values the state's academic institutions, students and student athletes."

The petition also says Williams' comments are likely to taint the University for years to come.

Governor Bullock's office issued a statement today in response to the petition, and NBC Montana asked him for comment at an event in Bozeman.

"There's also a process that Pat Williams has to go through for confirmation in the Senate." says Gov. Bullock. "At this point, no matter what side we're on, we want to make sure we're not painting in broad brush strokes and we're talking about real challenging issues for the University and the city of Missoula."

For a link to the petition, click here.