Pfahler Sport Specific popularity continues, gym expands again


MISSOULA, Mont. - Pfahler Sport Specific has become a well known name around the Missoula area. It's become so popular that owner Steven Pfahler has expanded the gym once again. For several years former Griz football star Steven Pfahler has been working with high school athletes to help them reach their goals of becoming college athletes. As interest grew Pfahler was able to open his very own gym, "Pfahler Sport Specific." "We don't really have a gym really in Montana that is just sports specific and strictly athletes," said Pfahler."It's just one of those things that they kind of feel like a select group of kids being able to come in here." Pfahler's program has been so popular that he recently expanded the gym for a third time. "It's really fun seeing the kids walk in and see it for the first time," said Pfahler. "That's the fun part for me is seeing the looks on their faces and seeing what they get to come work out in and everything like that." "His old gym was pretty cramped and then he expanded on that one as well which gave us a lot more room to work with," said Trevor Dickey. "The biggest part was coming out here, that gave us a lot more room and now this new expansion we obviously have plenty of room." "Well it's pretty amazing what he's been able to do," said Slade Heggen. "I was lifting with him since the beginning before he had anything and you know it just gives the athletes a lot more room." Pfahler Sport Specific has become the go to place for prep athletes committed to training for the next level. Pfahler can't believe how fast this his all happened and says that he owes it to the hard working kids he has. "After the expansion was all said and done I just kind of sat back and looked and this is really happening," said Pfahler. "I feel extremely lucky in 16 months a lots happened so I'm staying extremely busy and it's just really fun to help kids with their work ethics."