Plain foods, rest recommended before Missoula Marathon


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula Marathon participants now have less than two weeks to prepare for the race.

This year is no ordinary one for mother of three Sarah Munjal.

She is coming off a painful back injury, yet still preparing for the Missoula Half Marathon.

"My surgeon said it was okay. My pain specialist said it was okay," said Munjal.

Along with training, experienced runners say it's time for Sarah and other runners to plan out what to eat.

They suggest moderate portions of plain foods, like pasta rice or chicken.

"Testing things out like that on race day is always a recipe for disaster," said 4X Missoula Marathon Women's Champion, Trisha Drobeck.

"I usually do some type of protein, a lot of vegetables, and a potato, said runner Jennifer Pfeiffer.

"I usually have toast with peanut butter. It's something I consistently have that doesn't upset my stomach," said Munjal. Participants also need to get enough sleep. Since you may be anxious the night before the race, experts suggest getting plenty of sleep for the whole week before the race.

"Two nights before is probably where you want to get your best sleep because the race isn't on your mind. I would recommend eight to ten hours," said YMCA running instructor, Dennis Bender.

All these preparations are meaningful for Munjal, who's set on fulfilling a promise to herself.

"I had a goal three years ago of running the half marathon after having my third child. I haven't accomplished it yet. So, I have just really wanted to accomplish it," said Munjal.

Running instructors no longer recommend overeating in what is known as carbo-loading.

Race officials say that may give you a heavy stomach and create excess fat.

The newest recommendations say you should just eat healthy, moderate portions of complex carbohydrates and low fat foods before a major race.