Planning fireworks for the 4th? Make sure you're legal!


MISSOULA, Mont - Missoula's 2014 Fireworks Ordinance makes it legal to buy and use novelties inside the city limits. But there's a big difference between novelties and fireworks. Use the wrong one in the wrong place and it could cost you a trip to city court.

You can find the definitions in the ordinance. Essentially, fireworks are explosive, and novelties like sparklers, snakes and snappers are not.

The next thing that causes confusion is that some stands that sell fireworks are very close to the city limits. So close that if you walk across the street and set one off, you have broken the law.

If you are not sure, ask your vendor.

The vendors we spoke to said people should ask more questions when they buy. The person selling you fireworks should be able to answer questions about where you can use what you purchase and how you can use them safely.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2016, fireworks caused more than 25-thousand injuries to people of all ages.

The majority of the injuries were burns.