Plans for historic Main Street building will give new look


BOZEMAN, Mont. - An historic Main Street building could get new life as city commissioners consider whether to let the owner of the East Willson School renovate it. On the list of plans -- getting rid of the building divider between East Willson and West Willson, which will make them two separate buildings. The Bozeman School District uses West Willson for offices. Bozeman Schools Deputy Superintendent Steve Johnson says they welcome the new plans. "When we went through the long process of selling the building we had, we received a few comments from the public. For the most part, they were pretty excited comments that the building is going to be restored and continued to use. It's not going to be torn down," said Johnson. NBC Montana spoke with the new owner of the East Willson school, but he declined to comment until after the Bozeman City Commission meeting on Monday.