Plum Creek decides on temporary solution


EVERGREEN, Mont. - Plum Creek Timber CO. has decided to cut back hours at the Evergreen and Columbia Falls plants.

The Vice President of Northwest Resources and Manufacturing told NBC Montana that this is due to weather. They have a lack of log flow which started in the summer with the fires, followed by a wet fall and a cold winter which has restricted the logs going to the plywood mills.

Tom ray says this is an unusual year for them because of the weather but they thought of a solution to help combat the problem, at least for the time being.

"To make sure we have enough logs to make it through the break-up season, which is fast approaching. We decided to take a proactive step and reduce the hours at just the two plywood plants in a temporary fashion for the next couple of months," said Tom Ray.

The plant usually runs 4-10 hour shifts but they will start doing 3-10 hour shifts at the plywood plant temporarily and they are hoping to get back to normal after break-up season.