Police: Bozeman man helped attempted rape suspect flee


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Police say a Bozeman man on probation helped attempted rape suspect Kevin Briggs remove his shackles.

Cedric Standish-Codding is serving a 3-year deferred sentence out of Gallatin County for pleading guilty to burglary and theft charges.

In documents filed with Gallatin County District Court on Friday, Bozeman Police Detective Robert Vanuka reported he contacted Standish-Coddingregarding Briggs' escape.

Police arrested Briggs early the morning of February 1 after a reports of an attempted rape and sexual assault. But just before 8 a.m. that morning, an oversight by two officers allowed Briggs to flee the Bozeman Law and Justice Center.

Court records say Standish-Codding admitted to Detective Vanuka he used a Dremel tool to break Briggs out of handcuffs and leg restraints, and gave him between $20 and $30 and a coat.

Briggs managed to elude authorities for another three before being captured by U.S. Marshals in Portland, Oregon.

Standish-Codding is due in court Wednesday morning for hearing on the petition to revoke his probation.