Police follow new clues in case of missing Anaconda woman


ANACONDA, Mont. - Anaconda Police are using cell phone records from Tammy Salle's recently deceased boyfriend John Goldberg.

"We will triangulate where the calls would come through and then put them into the GPS," said Tim Barkell, Anaconda Chief of Police.

Snow kept the searchers out of two places that were inaccessible because of snow and weather.

Investigators also need forensics to determine whether the bags that were discovered filled with bloody cloths and what appears to be human tissue are tied to Salle's disappearance.

The bags were found at Goldberg's grandmother's house less than 2 blocks away from Tammy and John's house in Anaconda.

Goldberg was found dead in a truck with what police say is a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head just outside Missoula

Authorities also discovered what we're told was a four-page suicide note inside the truck with Goldberg.

Friends and family of Tammy allegedly told others they had hoped this note would contain some sort of clue or clues towards Tammy's location.

But the note reportedly had no mention of Tammy at all.

"I just talked to Tammy's mother, I just tried to assure her that we'll follow up on all leads and if they know anything or anyone knows anything it will be followed up on," added Barkell.

A check of Goldberg's past shows a conviction in 1997 for aggravated felony assault.

When NBC Montana asked for more information, we were told the case file was sealed and could only be opened by court order.

The new evidence discovered in the investigation has been sent to the state crime lab in Missoula for analysis.