Police identify package thought to be an explosive


KALISPELL, Mont. - Kalispell police say a suspicious package that was thought to be an explosive turned out to be a package for transporting and cooling biological material.

Police say it all started when an employee of the UPS facility off of North Meridian Drive in Kalispell saw something that just didn't look right.

"One of the employees there found a package that due to the circumstances surrounding how they received it, as well as the configuration of the package, they believed it had the potential for being an explosive device," said Corbett.

Crews responded around 3:35 p.m. on Friday.

The immediately closed off North Meridian Road and evacuated businesses and residents who were within 100 yards from the facility.

"One of the employees also took a picture of it. We sent that picture to the Missoula bomb squad. After looking at the picture, they agreed that they ought to come out and take a look at it," Corbett said.

The Missoula team had done its job, but more crews stayed to continue investigating.

That's when they discovered what it truly was.

"It's a package for transporting and cooling biological material," said Corbett.

But they followed up with the one person who could tell them for sure what it was.

"The FBI agents and I believe our chief went and contacted the individual who had sent it and talked to him about what it was so that's how they were able to find out, ultimately, what it actually was," Corbett said.

For now, traffic has resumed behind me on the corner or Three Mile Drive and North Meridian Drive. Businesses have opened back up, and residents have returned to their home.