Proposed bond for Smith Valley School fails


KALISPELL, Mont. - Voters turned down a $6 million Smith Valley school bond Tuesday night.

Only 161 voters cast ballots in favor of the bond, 392 were opposed.

The district mailed out over 1,100 ballots. District officials told us just over 47 percent of the ballots were returned.

We asked Smith Valley superintendent Laili Komenda Tuesday afternoon what would happen if the bond failed to pass. She said, "We'll have to run another bond. We have to be able build at some point."

If approved the bond would have added classrooms, a new gym, a new library, upgrades for the sewer and security systems and additional parking.

Property taxes would have increased as shown:

On a $100,000 home: $224.42 On a $200,000 home: $448.84 On a $300,000 home: $673.26 On a $400,000 home: $897.68 On a $500,000 home: $1,122.10

Many voters we talked to previously told us they could not afford an increase in their property tax bill.

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