Protestors cited, police say they were respectful


MISSOULA, Mont. - Police say they were respectful but still cited 7 protestors in a group of more than 30, as a coal train passed through Missoula today.

This happened at the Greenough and North Second Street intersection at 2:45 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

Police tell NBC Montana the 7 people cited were standing on the tracks holding signs.

They ranged between 22 and 73 years old.

Sergeant J.C. Denton made contact with the group and told the protestors to leave the tracks but they refused.

"As the train approached, the group left the tracks and were cited for disorderly conduct. No one was physically forced off the tracks. All subjects were cooperative," said Sergeant Rick Stevenson with the Missoula Police Department.

The 7 people cited are scheduled to appear in the Missoula Municipal Court tomorrow.