Python found in Bozeman apartment, Animal Control searches for owner


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman Animal Control officers are searching for the owners of a python, after it showed up in a Bozeman apartment building on Tuesday night. Bozeman resident Autumn Poti explained she was hanging out at a friend's apartment on Tuesday night, when she got quite an unpleasant surprise. "Next thing I know, I feel something, and I looked down and I see something," Poti explained, "it's slowly moving and I look down and I'm like, 'Snake!'" Poti said. A juvenile ball python had slithered its way into Autumn's friend's apartment. Her friends and a neighbor used a box to catch it, then tried to figure out where it came from. "We went around, knocked on everybody's door. Nobody owns a snake except for one guy, but everybody else is afraid of snakes just as much as us, so we have no clue whose snake that is," Poti said. They called Animal Control. Officer John Edelen said they took the snake and it is now at All West Veterinary Hospital. They have been trying to find the owners. "Chances are it got out of a cage and someone is hopefully looking for it and wants it back," Edelen explained. Edelen said he believed the snake is most likely a pet from the apartment complex, because the weather is too cold for a snake to travel far, and workers at All West Veterinary Hospital said the python is still in good health, which means he probably wasn't out in the elements for too long. "It doesn't look like it was out for more than 24 hours at most," Edelen said. This particular snake didn't pose a safety threat, but it is still not something Poti wanted to find. "A freaking python, are you kidding me?" she said. "That's all I can replay in my head. I just ran into a python face to face. It's horrible." The python is not registered with the City of Bozeman as an exotic pet, which is part of why they are having trouble tracking down the owners. Animal Control hopes the owner will come forward and claim the snake, so it can go back home. Animal Control does not plan to give a citation to the snake owner, but Poti suspects the owner hasn't come forward because pets are not allowed in their apartment complex.

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