Rattlesnake Elementary to reopen Tuesday


MISSOULA, Mont. - Rattlesnake Elementary School will open again Tuesday, after a major heating issue has been temporarily resolved.

The heating system failed late Friday. Monday, school was closed while maintenance staff worked to get things running. Right now large industrial heaters and temporary venting are delivering heat throughout the school. Some classes will be relocated to the gym while work continues.

"It was really important that this got going right away," said Principal Jerry Seidensticker. "The tubing and the heating for our building was up and going by Saturday afternoon and by Sunday we were able to feel some of that heat. Many parts of the building got pretty cold."

Parts for the boiler are being rush delivered with hopes of repairing the heating system be the end of the week.

The school is reminding families that the temperatures vary in different sections of the school. Students are asked to dress in layers to be comfortable throughout the day.

After school activities and night activities at the school are cancelled through Friday February 14, 2014 with the exception of Campfire Kids Club. Campfire Kids Club will occur as normal, after school throughout the rest of the week.