Ravalli Co. commissioners formally approve filing suit against treasurer


HAMILTON, Mont. - Ravalli County commissioners unanimously approved going ahead with a lawsuit against Treasurer Valerie Stamey for failing to submit financial reports on time.

Weeks ago, the commissioners found 58 infractions against the embattled treasurer for not submitting reports to government entities so they could balance their books.

Stamey faces a $29,000 fine. She was removed from office and remains on paid administrative leave.

At the beginning of the meeting, Commissioner Suzy Foss said she wouldn't vote for the measure because she is uncomfortable with making such a decision while investigations in the treasurer's office are ongoing. But in the end she reluctantly voted with the majority.

"I'm just concerned because we feel this push by the public to respond to something that we may be creating more problems down the road," said Foss.

She said she is worried about counter suits against the county.

Commissioner Jeff Burrows said according to statue, "We are obligated to institute suits for the recovery of $500 per report."

All the commissioners agreed that Stamey had failed to perform her duties as treasurer by not submitting the financial reports on time.